5 Inspiring Learning Resources That Help Me Stay on Top of Data Analytics | by Hanzala Qureshi | Jul, 2023

5 Inspiring Learning Resources to Propel Your Skills and Expertise

Hanzala Qureshi

Towards Data Science

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I recently hosted a breakfast session with a team of people at work.

We talked extensively about career journeys, brand value, mistakes made and lessons learned. A question was asked about what learning resources I recommend to keep abreast of changes in the industry but also general career and management advice.

Here is a list of 5 resources I refer to regularly for my dose of information.

Let’s dive in!

Prukalpa is the Metadata go-to person.

I discovered Prukalpa via one of her articles, Data Governance branding problem. It resonated at the time because I was in the middle of one of the most complex governance implementations. The words helped soothe some pain that I am not in this alone.

Since Prukalpa is a co-founder of Atlan, she could write about her business; however, she chooses to focus her articles on Data Management as an industry, which helps provide more context. She also has a substack newsletter called Metadata Weekly.

Barr is another industry thought leader and co-founder (Monte Carlo) whom I have followed for a while.

When implementing governance solutions, I always struggled to get clients behind Data Quality (DQ) and why it costs so much. Organisations like to fix tactically, build technical debt and complain about DQ when it’s too late.

Barr writes extensively about Data Quality, Reliability and Downtime, which the data teams face daily.

I also recommend other thought leaders such as Chad Sanderson (Data Contracts), Ben Rogojan (Consulting and Engineering) & Teresa Tung (GenAI).

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