A new Street Fighter movie is in production

A new Street Fighter movie is in the works at Legendary Entertainemnt, the studio behind Detective Pikachu, Pacific Rim, Godzilla vs Kong, and more.

This news comes from the official Street Fighter Twitter account. The response has been mixed, ranging from hype from fighting game fans and influencers, and dread from those old enough to have seen the awful 1994 film.

Watch the trailer for Cammy, Zangief and Lily in Street Fighter 6 here!

There’s no word on who is even working on it, nothing on a director, screen writer, or so forth. However, Legendary has some brilliant titles under their belt including some that would excite video game fans. Detective Pikachu was a surpisingly great flick for both kids and adults alike after all.

You have to wonder what sort of audience Legendary and Capcom would be aiming this film at. Street Figher is, forgive me, typically an IP for older folks. While Pokemon has that childlike appeal, I doubt a zoomer would know much about Street fighter other than the fact Ryu and Chun Li popped up in Fortnite a while back. Maybe this film will attempt to fix that, or perhaps we’ll get something aimed at adult audiences as we saw with the recent Mortal Kombat movie.

While we’re on the topic, it’s really a big moment for video game movie adaptations huh? Not only has the Mario Movie just released and turned out alright, we’ve also got the recent success of the Sonic movies seemingly inspiring other IP holders to throw their games at the big screen.

Let us know if you’d be excited to see a new Street Fighter movie in the future? Also, do you reckon they could possibly top the fantastic Chun Li x Vega fight from the Street Fighter 2 animated movie? It’s a big ask!

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