An AI that could make you better at video games? Bring on the skynet apocalypse

Are you shit at video games? Maybe AI could be your key to finally getting good, either that or it could put you out of a job. As a fighting game player, that last fear is something you’re likely used to – so you may be happy to hear about one concept AI program that could analyse your Street Fighter matches.

This comes via a small video from Twitter user JP, a UX product designer from Greater Vancouver who has recently published some concepts online that are all focused on fighting games. Their concept is an AI-assisted program that will look through your matches from YouTube, pick out moments in which you do well, and point out issues in your shitty flowchart Ken.

Street Fighter 6 is looking pretty cool huh? Check out a developer match for it here.

There has long been a debate around the training systems present in games like Street Fighter, where the road to improvement can be vague and largely an effort in trial and error online. This grind, largely a big appeal of the game in the long run, is an accepted norm. However, with the use of AI, maybe you could identify how exactly to improve your game in the near future.

This concept obviously comes at a time where AI integration in games is the hot trend. Some believe it’s a fad like NFTs, blockchain, and Web3. Others, including some industry heavy hitters at GDC, believe it will drastically change the industry and the world moving forward.

In theory, this sort of software could be a major blow against the small industry of pro-players offering training sessions; a long time method of making a bit of extra cash. Especially with salaries typically low unless you’re one of the best players in the world, it stands alongside content creation on Twitch and YouTube as a core source of money. Who knows? Maybe it might not be so popular in the near future?

But, for now, it’s still early days. As of right now, JP is still looking for people to try and make this concept work. Keep an eye out, you may be seeing AI creep up more often. Bring on the apocalypse!

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