Chris Appleton And Lukas Gage Are Engaged

Chris Appleton And Lukas Gage Are Engaged

Let’s do a quick recap. Last month, after talking about the pressure to “label” his sexuality, Lukas confirmed that he was indeed dating Chris.

He also called Chris his “perfect person” — and that was before reports emerged this week that the pair are now actually engaged.

Lukas hasn’t publicly confirmed the news yet — but in a recent interview with AND! Newswho asked him about what his plans were for his wedding day, Chris did nothing to deny the rumored engagement.

“Oh God, I’d like to think I’d get a day off!” the celebrity hairstylist joked about his potential plans. “It’s actually just about love, and love is just so special.”

“I think to see someone find love is really heartfelt. It’s such a fun thing to be a part of, and it’s a happy moment. Whereas, you know, sometimes when you’re doing a red carpet and stuff is more stressful because a lot of pressure. But a wedding is completely different.”

Is that a confirmation? Maybe? I’m not sure. It’s possible they’ll spill more (or, anything at all) about their rumored engagement in the future — and if so, we’ll let you know.

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