Chris Gayle wants to dance with Deepika Padukone and says she is ‘a very nice lady’

Jamaican cricket player Chris Gayle recently launched his latest single Oh Fatima which he recorded with Indian singer-composer Arko Pravo Mukherjee. During the music launch event on Tuesday, he stated that if he ever gets a chance to dance with a Bollywood actress, it would be Deepika Padukone.

He said, “I have met her in person.Deepika Padukone, a very nice lady. I would love to dance with Deepika Padukone in a song.”

Deepika Padukone Chris Gayle

Chris also described how the COVID-induced pandemic lockout motivated him to write some music and said, “It all started during the pandemic when we all were locked in our houses. A friend of mine said let`s do a song together. He turned up at my house and we did a song together. I was so fascinated by it and the best part was people in Jamaica accepted it. Then I recorded another song and eventually set up my own studio at my own home and started collaborating with people from the music field. At no point in my cricket career, I had imagined I would ever venture into singing.”

For Oh Fatima, Chris worked alongside composer-singer Arko Pravo Mukherjee. Karina Karra, an artist from Uzbekistan, also appears in the Rammji Gulati-directed video. The upbeat tune combines Jamaican and Indian musical styles.

Deepika Padukone Chris Gayle

Talking about the song, Arko said, “Our collaboration comes as a great opportunity to introduce India to Jamaican music, along with Indian music reaching a massive global audience. Through this foot-tapping, energetic song, Indian and Jamaican styles of music come together in a melody created to make you swoon, groove, and enjoy life.”

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