Crusader Kings 3 expansion adds jousting tournaments, kingdom tours, and grand weddings

A new expansion is coming in May to a Crusader Kings 3 game near you.

In this expansion, called Tours & Tournaments, you can participate in mock combat inside the jousting area, tour the dangerous wilds of your kingdom, host falconry hunts, or plan a grand wedding.

Plan, scheme, joust, tour, and meet your vassals in the next update to Crusader Kings 3.

When ready to adventure into the lands beyond, you should bring an entourage as danger can lurk, so customize your route carefully. On the road, you will meet colorful characters, encounter exotic cultures, and even experience some life-changing events that may occur.

You can visit and interact with your vassals, inspect their holdings, and even bestow gifts and rewards. On the other hand, you can also send out tax collectors to get some much-needed cash out of the more hard-to-reach vassals.

With tournaments, you can join contests to win prizes and gain experience in new skills. Hosting a tournament with splendor and festivities will be grand, but before you decide to participate, visit your local blacksmith or gain some liquid courage in the tavern.

With your opponents, you can set intents, bash them, or “win the heart of your quarries” with your jousting prowess.

If that weren’t enough, you can plan a grand wedding, negotiate beneficial prenuptial pacts, please your courtly vassals, and gain favors during these new ceremonies.

Other grand activities include bestowing your knights with honors, allowing these nobles to specialize in politics or the battlefield. You can even train them before sending them to tournaments or war.

The Tours & Tournaments expansion will be available for Crusader Kings 3 on May 11.

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