Delhi Government Plans to Build AI Hub in Proposed Electronic City

In a significant move towards technological advancement, the Delhi government is envisioning an AI hub in the proposed electronic city. The city is being planned to be built in Baprola, southwest Delhi. This ambitious project will create a state-of-the-art industrial city equipped with cutting-edge AI technologies, providing an attractive ecosystem for global players in the AI domain. The AI hub, coupled with various incentives, aims to position Delhi as a preferred destination for top electronics companies. Let’s delve into the details of this government initiative.

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Delhi government is planning to build an AI hub in its proposed Electronic City.

The Vision for Delhi’s AI Hub in the Electronic City

The proposed electronic city, spread over 81 acres, aims to become a plug-and-play facility for electronics design and manufacturing companies. By incorporating AI technologies, the city aims to create an environment encouraging global players to establish their units in Delhi.

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Delhi government is planning to build an AI hub in its proposed Electronic City in Baprola in an attempt to attract global AI leaders to India.

AI: The Technology of the Future

Recognizing the significance of AI in various sectors, the Delhi government sees it as the technology that will shape the future. By providing state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure in one location, the government aims to attract companies engaged in AI-related work.

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Strategic Location and Convenient Access

The proposed electronic city boasts a strategic location that promotes business and logistics. The site is a mere 20-minute drive from the Indira Gandhi International Airport & has easy access to major national highways. This accessibility makes it an ideal destination for electronics companies looking to capitalize on Delhi’s prime location.

The proposed AI hub in Delhi's Electronic City will attract global AI companies to invest in India.

Drafting the ‘Delhi Electronics System Design, Manufacturing, and Refurbishment (ESDMR) Policy’

The Dialogue and Development Commission of Delhi is spearheading the ‘Delhi ESDMR Policy,’ aimed at positioning the city as the preferred destination for top electronics companies. This policy will now include the groundbreaking idea of the AI hub, further enhancing Delhi’s appeal to global players.

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Public-Private Partnership and Attractive Incentives

Developed through a public-private partnership, the project is estimated to generate substantial revenue over a 30-year concession period. Companies establishing their units in the electronic city will benefit from various incentives. This includes production and labor-linked incentives and favorable land lease terms. The government’s investment of approximately Rs 250 crore over five years is a testament to its commitment to promoting this ambitious project.

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Our Say

The Delhi government’s plan to establish an AI hub in the proposed electronic city marks a significant step towards transforming the capital into a leading hub for electronics and AI technologies. By providing a conducive ecosystem, attractive incentives, and state-of-the-art facilities, Delhi is set to become a global player in the AI domain. With its strategic location and visionary approach, the proposed electronic city has the potential to revolutionize the electronics industry and pave the way for a technologically advanced future. As this ambitious project takes shape, it promises to propel Delhi to the forefront of innovation and set new benchmarks in the world of AI.

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