Final Fantasy 16 will make you feel the wind during cutscenes, sort of

FF16 TGA Final Fantasy 16 will make you feel the wind during cutscenes, sort of

Final Fantasy 16 is going to make use of the PS5’s DualSense haptic features and adaptive triggers to help you feel things “like the movements of air.”

So far not too many games have made use of the DualSense’s unique features, outside of some slightly fancier rumbles compared to the DualShock. But a new interview with Final Fantasy 16 director Hiroshi Takai on the PlayStation Blog has confirmed that the upcoming RPG will be using everything the controller has got.

When asked about how the game makes use of the DualSense’s adaptive triggers and haptic feedback during gameplay, Takai said, “There are certain sections where the player will have to open heavy doors or lift up portcullises, and we use the adaptive triggers there to put across that feeling of effort and resistance. They’re also used when riding chocobos.

“The haptic feedback can produce extremely subtle vibrations, which we use to create a heightened feeling of presence in cutscenes. We converted the sound effects used in each scene into haptic data, which let us portray details that we’ve never been able to before, like the movements of the air.” Hopefully we won’t just be feeling the wind in every single cutscene and more so just in moments that feel appropriate, but little details like this can definitely add to the overall atmosphere of a moment.

You might also be happy to hear that Final Fantasy 16 has gone gold, as confirmed on the game’s Twitter, way ahead of the June 22 release date. This essentially means that the main game is ready to be sent off and printed on discs, though this doesn’t rule out a day one patch.

Square Enix recently showed off what Final Fantasy 16’s world looks like (it’s beautiful, unsurprisingly), and it was recently confirmed that the game will take you about 35 hours to beat all in.

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