Lego’s X-Wing Starfighter gets a refresh in time for Star Wars Day

This is the third time we’ve seen the T-65 X-Wing Starfighter in brick form, and it’s Lego’s most detailed yet. The 1,949-piece X-Wing costs $239.99 and joins the other sets in the Lego Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series, which include the behemoths that are the 7,541-piece UCS Millennium Falcon and the 6,785-piece UCS AT-AT.

Equipped with 4L4 fusial thrust engines and the KX9 laser cannons, the design of Lego’s latest UCS X-Wing kit doesn’t deviate much from its previous iterations. However, it does feature several hundred more pieces when compared to the 1,304-piece X-Wing set released in 2000 and the 1,559-piece one from 2013. The new X-Wing measures 10.5 inches in height and 21.5 inches in length once complete.

Aside from the actual X-Wing kit, Lego is also including a lightsaber-wielding Luke Skywalker minifigure in a Rebel flight suit, which has a dedicated spot on the kit’s display stand. There’s also an R2-D2 minifig that sits inside the X-Wing Starfighter. If you never got your hands on the X-Wing sets Lego released years ago — or don’t want to pay the inflated price for a used one — this even more detailed set is your chance to get an unopened and not yet overpriced kit.

The set goes on sale on Star Wars Day on May 4th and is exclusive to Lego’s online and physical stores. You can check out some other images of the set from Lego at the bottom of this article.

But that’s not the only set that Lego’s showing off ahead of Star Wars Day. The brickmaker also announced two new diorama sets depicting scenes from Return of the Jedi: one that’s modeled after Emperor Palpatine’s throne room and another that has Luke Skywalker racing between trees on a speeder bike. While the 807-piece Emperor’s Throne Room set costs $99.99, the 608-piece Endor Speeder Chase set is priced at $79.99. Both sets hit store shelves on May 1st.

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