Monica Stops D.C. Show To Ease Fight In The Audience (Video)

Monica wasn’t letting anybody throw down at her D.C. performance! The singer interrupted her live rendition of Why I Love You So Much to ease a fight in the audience. Though the disruption only lasted a few seconds on video, she eventually asked staff to provide those involved with libations on her.

When she first noticed the alleged altercation, Monica motioned toward her stage DJ, asking for a halt on the music. Then, she turned to the folks engaged in the suspected disagreement.

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“Come on now, I was singing a love song. I ain’t singing Knuck If You Buck baby, calm that sh*t down. Aht, aht, aht, somebody take her and get a drink on me. Calm down.”

Then, she dedicated her hit song So Gone to “the young lady in the pink.” It’s unclear what led to the alleged crowd dispute.

After The Shade Room posted a clip of the incident, Monica jumped into the comment section with more to say.

“I was bewildered by this behavior during Why I Love You So Much,” she wrote, adding a laughing emoticon. “DC was a blast, though! Lol.”

Meanwhile, folks in the comment section seemed to enjoy the Goonica poppin’ out to address the concert beef.

@bsummerlin13 wrote, “Welcome to Dc y’all. I was at this concert. Monica handled this so eloquently.”

@jaded_it wrote, “Calm down and take her to get a drink on me. Gotta love Goonica!”

@danaya9.7 wrote, “That “aht aht” made me sit up straight.”

@inglewoodash wrote, “Lmfaooo, that was a perfect transition, and she so professional, yu gotta go, but here’s a drink on me.”

@rtoussaint28 wrote, She handled that well. Imagine going to concert and getting into a fight where the vibes are supposed to be good.”

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