Super Mario Bros. Movie Post-Credits scene revealed – and how it teases the sequel

Stand-alone movies are rare now, with every studio looking for a story and world they can serialize and expand with ease. The Super Mario Bros. Movie is a refreshingly simple one-shot self-enclosed story – but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t also indulge in a little post-credits teasing.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie | Final Trailer

SPOILER WARNING: This story contains minor spoilers for the plot of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and a detailed, spoilerific description of the post-credits scenes. You have been warned.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie features two post credits scenes – one that’s perhaps a little more revealing about a potential sequel than others. Here’s descriptions of both of them:

mario bros movie 29 Super Mario Bros. Movie Post-Credits scene revealed - and how it teases the sequel

Post-Credits 1: Bowser’s Lament

The first post-credits scene comes after the first round of credits, which are accompanied by Mario-themed animations and a great medley of music from the games.

Part-way through The Super Mario Bros. Movie, we get the beginnings of a little musical number as iconic villain Bowser sits at a piano and sings a song about his unrequited love for Princess Peach. This seems pretty perfect, what with Bowser being voiced by Jack Black – but the song gets cut short by story motoring on at a rapid pace.

In the first post-credits scene, Bowser is back at his piano singing a slightly extended version of the song as a reprise – and then at the end of the song, we learn about exactly where Bowser is after the conclusion of the story and what his situation is.

Having been fed a mini-mushroom, Bowser has been shrunk to mini size and is imprisoned inside Princess Peach’s Castle – a fun twist on the usual status quo – in a tiny cage. He’ll have to stage an escape for a sequel…

mario bros movie 09 Super Mario Bros. Movie Post-Credits scene revealed - and how it teases the sequel

Post-Credits 2: It’s Cracked

If you sit all the way through the end of the actual full credits scroll, you’re treated to the true tease for the next movie.

The camera pans down, heading deep beneath the streets of Brooklyn. Down in the sewers, a mysterious green-speckled egg sits – another item from the Mushroom Kingdom pulled into Mario’s ‘real world’ during the finale of the adventure.

As the egg sits, it begins to crack… and a sound is heard that’ll be very familiar to fans of the Mario video games.

Yep – it’s a Yoshi egg. In fact, we see a whole swarm of Yoshis in a brief shot when Mario, Peach, and Toad are on their adventure – though the suggestion here is likely that this is the Yoshi, the iconic critter that becomes Mario’s other green sidekick.

While the critical reception to the Mario Movie has been a little mixed, it’s looking like it’s on to make an enormous amount of money – which means a sequel is all but guaranteed to happen. When it does, we now know which iconic character is up next…

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