Tesla increases price of its home charging station with NACS

Tesla has hiked up the price of its home charging station, the Tesla Wall Connector, just as it is about to become more popular.

However, despite the price hike, it is still one of the cheapest stations for the specs.

After Tesla announced last year that it is opening its EV charge connector with the aim of making it the new standard in North America, it did a few moves to make its charging station more attractive.

The automaker’s home charging station, the Wall Connector, was already one of the best stations for the price at $500 and up to to 11.5 kW/48 amp output, but Tesla quickly made it cheaper.

Tesla dropped the price to $350 in December.

It took a while before Tesla’s NACS connector got adopted by other companies, but it is now gaining momentum with Ford, GM, and virtually all charging station companies in North America adopting the connector.

Earlier this year, Tesla increased the price of its Wall Connector to $425.

Now Tesla has increased the price again by another $50 to $475:

Screenshot 2023 06 15 at 2.16.05 PM Tesla increases price of its home charging station with NACS
Tesla increases price of its home charging station with NACS 3

The specs appear to be unchanged:

  • Up to 44 mi of range added per hour
  • Auto-sensing handle to open charge port
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for over-the-air updates, remote diagnostics and access controls
  • Scheduled charging and data tracking through the Tesla app
  • Versatile indoor/outdoor design
  • Variable amperage configurations depending on installation location
  • Power-share with up to six Wall Connectors
  • 24-foot cable length
  • Four-year warranty for residential use

Tesla hasn’t changed the price of its Wall Connector with J1772 connector. It is still being sold for $550.

Electrek’s Take

If anything, this is good news for charging station manufacturers. With NACS becoming the standard and Tesla’s Wall Connector being the best value in the market, it was a bad sign for those manufacturers who now would have to compete with it for the non-Tesla EV market.

It is still relatively cheap, but now other companies can at least be competitive.

But if they can’t get their costs under control, I can see a future where some buy a Ford or GM EV in the future, while buying a Tesla Wall Connector to charge it at home.

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