The Asus ROG Ally wasn’t an April Fool’s Joke, and it might be something you’ll want

On April 1, Asus announced it was bringing a handheld gaming system to the market called ROG Ally.

Because of the announcement timing, many thought Asus was pulling an April Fool’s joke, but it wasn’t: the ROG Ally is very real, and sounds rather nice.

Not an April Fool’s joke, the ROG Ally is a handheld gaming system coming from Asus.

According to YouTuber Dave2D (thanks, RPS), who received an early unit, the ROG Ally runs on Windows 11, features an AMD Zen 4/RDNA 3 chip, and sports a 120Hz, 1920×1080 screen. The system’s cooling fans are rather quiet, and the system is a light 608g in weight.

While it sounds like a worthy competitor to Valve’s Steam Deck, Asus hasn’t announced the final specs and, more importantly, a price.

Valve’s handheld will run you $399, $529, or $649 depending on the chosen options, so it’s unknown at present how competitive pricing will be; however, Asus isn’t known for being inexpensive as some of its ROG (Republic of Gamers) laptops can run you in upwards of $2700 depending on the year and model.

While the company’s laptops can be rather expensive, in our opinion, they are beyond reliable. Our Asus laptop is a 2014 model and is still going strong, and despite how outdated it is (it has a Nvivida 860M, for instance), it still plays plenty of games. And we’re also partial to Asus motherboards and refuse to purchase another brand when building a PC.

So again, it could all come down to price as to whether the system will be able to compete with the Steam Deck, that, and possibly brand awareness and loyalty.

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